About Us

Joseph Manero and Sons, Inc. was incorporated in December of 1986; however the roots of the company can be traced back much further. In 1948, Anthony Manero, our grandfather, purchased a stone quarry in Glenside located at 424 Willow Grove Avenue and with his four sons, A. Manero & Sons was started.


At first, their concentration was on quarrying and delivering stone, primarily for the post-war housing boom. At this time, not only was the facing on homes constructed of stone but the foundations were as well. A. Manero & Sons was not only quarrying and supplying stone, but they were also masonry contractors installing stone. A. Manero & Sons’ early work can be seen throughout Northeast Philadelphia, Roxboro, Bucks and Montgomery Counties. In the late 1950′s, A. Manero & Sons turned its focus from housing production to private residential masonry work all the while operating the stone quarry. In addition to supplying stone for residential use they also provided stone to steel mills, which at that time were still in production, to line their ovens.


In 1986, Joseph Manero & Sons, Inc. was established by our father Joseph F. Manero, Sr. along with two of his sons, Joseph F. Manero Jr. and Dominic Manero. In the following years, we were joined by our brothers Anthony and Francis. Our mother Joan along with our sister Anita, run our office. With our strong heritage in masonry, our focus has always been to provide quality work with a personal touch. Joe, Dom, Tony and Fran are personally involved with each project. With our foundation in private work, we have built our business to also include working on institutions.


Today Joseph Manero & Sons, Inc. carries on the proud tradition of providing quality masonry work which has been passed on to us through three generations. We specialize in all aspects of stonework including rubble work, granite, limestone, marble, flagstone, matching existing stonework and restoration of existing work. We also have extensive experience with concrete, brickwork and blockwork.